Ages 4 and up

One of the greatest instruments for young learners is the violin. The reason is the violin is an un-fretted instrument which forces the student to find pitches using their ear instead of just hitting a pre-determined note with their finger. This ear training is incredibly valuable to young budding musicians and has been proven to stay with them for the rest of their lives, leading to a more full and rewarding life of musical enjoyment and performance. Our violin lessons follow the same core philosophies that our other instruments share; namely the importance of customized private lessons focused on fun and motivation and taught by music professionals who live the life they teach.


Alderwood Instructor “Cappy Onn” Speaks About Her Violin Lessons


A lesson with Cappy is FUN. I believe that while learning is definitely hard work it should also be inspiring and fulfilling. My lessons will include a warm up period where we will explore traditional scales and exercises to strengthen technique and tone. We will move on to already learned material, specific questions and suggestions to improve performance and musicality. And finally…..we will devote time to each individual students’ interests. Maybe we’ll come up with a cool new fiddle tune, maybe we’ll work on a harmony part for a popular song on the radio, maybe we’ll tackle a tricky Bach concerto or figure out a violin part that fits with a new tune by Arcade Fire! My lessons are fluid and comfortable, for any age and any ability level. I want my students to feel excited about music and their ability to share it with the world. I look forward to meeting you!


Cappy Incorporates the Famous Suzuki Method as Well


I will use all of the elements of my Suzuki teacher training at Alderwood. I am committed to training a students’ ear as well as their music reading ability, I will use the Suzuki repertoire and cds with students to build a common body of learned music, I will involve parents and caregivers in music education decisions and strive to encourage students to blossom into the musicians they were meant to be – using the love of music to nurture and develop beautiful hearts.

**Cappy has completed the Suzuki Association of the Americas’ teacher training levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and that has also completed their ECC (early young beginners) course and a special group class techniques course.

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