Steps to Music

(Ages 3.5 to 7 – Beginners Only) “Gently igniting their first spark in music”

Alderwood School of Music is located in the community of Alderwood in South Etobicoke (near Sherway Gardens, by the Mississauga border). We are proud to offer a fresh take on traditional music lessons with a focus on fun, creativity, motivation, and inspiration.

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Like all lessons at Alderwood, our Steps to Music lessons are PRIVATE, modern, progressive, individualized, and taught by meticulously selected professional musicians and educators who live the life they teach.

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Weekly lessons are offered in 30 minute lengths.

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  • Finally, one on one private lessons geared specifically towards young beginners.

  • Gentle, hands-on approach which puts enjoyment above all else.

  • While the focus is on piano, students are exposed to the sounds of many instruments.

  • Instructors specifically trained to work with the needs of pre-school and early grade students.

  • Colourful, memorable games are used to enhance the learning.

  • Very limited practicing expectations at first as children of this age learn best while in class, one on one.

  • Tailored to the learning styles of your specific child.

  • Students can graduate from this program into full lessons in the instrument of their choice.

Watch Our Teachers in Action in our MUSIC IQ Video Series

All lessons at Alderwood include regular verbal feedback to parents, opportunities to record and perform live, a chance to audition for the Alderwood Junior or Senior Bands, a comfortable waiting room with free wi-fi for parents and MUCH more!



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