Modern Piano / Keyboard

(Ages 5 to adult – All Skill Levels) “A fresh take on piano lessons”

Alderwood School of Music is located in the community of Alderwood in South Etobicoke (near Sherway Gardens, by the Mississauga border). We are proud to offer a fresh take on traditional music lessons with a focus on fun, creativity, motivation, and inspiration.

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Like all lessons at Alderwood, our Modern Piano / Keyboard lessons are PRIVATE, modern, progressive, individualized, and taught by meticulously selected professional musicians and educators who live the life they teach.

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Weekly lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute lengths.

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  • Our main goal is to instil a love of music that will last a lifetime.

  • FUN COMES FIRST – We teach current Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Top 40 that the student knows and loves!

  • Our teachers use a multi-media approach to enhance lessons including internet, play-along tracks, sending videos to students etc.

  • Even beginners learn to be creative on the piano with our techniques.

  • Teachers provide regular verbal and/or written feedback to parents.

  • Piano students are given an opportunity to record and perform with other students, solo, and in front of others at our annual “Un-Recital”.

  • Long term goals are never forgotten – We use unique technical exercises, theory, repertoire lists and more.

  • Our teachers are quality people and make outstanding role models – this is SO important!

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All lessons at Alderwood include regular verbal feedback to parents, opportunities to record and perform live, a chance to audition for the Alderwood Junior or Senior Bands, a comfortable waiting room with free wi-fi for parents and MUCH more!


What Makes these Modern Piano Lessons so Fun?

One of the most common calls we get are from parents saying something like: “My child has taken piano lessons for a while but is really losing interest. I don’t think she likes being forced to play music she doesn’t like. Can you help?”

In a word: “YES!” There are so many reasons the type of teaching we do really works to engage or re-kindle a love of music….and really…who doesn’t love music if given the right opportunity to succeed?!?!

Dave and Matthew

Teach Music They Know – When child (or adult) student is allowed to play songs they already know it makes a huge difference. Not only does it add a sense of motivation, it also allows them to engage their ear to help them learn. This makes progress typically faster and it makes the learning process a more multi-faceted one.

Teach Through Example – Our piano teachers love to play the piano and it shows. They don’t just sit back and comment, they get right in there with the student and demonstrate and assist in a friendly hands-on way.

Create a Repertoire List – We love to help a student create his or her very own Repertoire List (which is a list of their favourite songs.) We do this to help develop their long-term memory, ensure songs are truly learned, and it becomes a list they can be proud of – showing family and friends. We often tell students that when Aunt so-and-so comes over and asks them to play piano to just show them their Repertoire List and say: “Sure Auntie, I take requests!”

Keep it Fresh – Our teachers never complacent and are always changing their approaches to ensure a student maintains motivation. From little things like stickers to even making custom videos of lessons and emailing it to the student for reference at home.

Hide the “Broccoli” inside the “Mashed Potatoes” – Long term success at piano, even modern piano, requires proper technique, form, and music theory. This is usually the least fun aspect of learning for a child so our teachers cleverly hide much of this inside the music. Sure we may ask you to learn a scale or two at home but much of the technique and theory is disguised inside the fun learning. As a parent you may not even realize the long term benefits being instilled in the fun songs being taught. Broccoli tastes better in the same bite as mashed potatoes….or covered in cheese sauce haha.

The only way to truly experience Modern Piano / Keyboard lessons at Alderwood is to try them for yourselves. Having said that, I hope this article gave you a peak into not only some of our proven techniques to motivate and inspire students, but also the care and passion we put into what we do. As we always say, the best teachers live what they teach, and the only students that truly learn are the ones who are self motivated and proud of what they are achieving.


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