(Ages 5 to adult – All Skill Levels) “6 strings and a World of Possibilities”

Alderwood School of Music is located in the community of Alderwood in South Etobicoke (near Sherway Gardens, by the Mississauga border). We are proud to offer a fresh take on traditional music lessons with a focus on fun, creativity, motivation, and inspiration.

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Like all lessons at Alderwood, our Guitar lessons are PRIVATE, modern, progressive, individualized, and taught by meticulously selected professional musicians and educators who live the life they teach.

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Weekly lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute lengths.

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  • Our main goal is to instil a love of music that will last a lifetime.

  • FUN COMES FIRST – We teach current Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Top 40 that the student knows and loves!

  • Our teachers use a multi-media approach to enhance lessons including internet, play-along tracks, sending videos to students etc.

  • Even beginners learn to be creative on the guitar with our techniques.

  • Teachers provide regular verbal and/or written feedback to parents.

  • Guitar students are given an opportunity to record and perform with other students, solo, and in front of others at our annual “Un-Recital”.

  • Long term goals are never forgotten – We use unique technical exercises, theory, repertoire lists and more.

  • Our teachers are quality people and make outstanding role models – this is SO important!

Choosing Acoustic or Electric Guitar

This is a difficult choice for many students new to guitar. Sure the electric has the instant “cool” factor but the acoustic is a wonderful instrument with a gorgeous sound. Ultimately the most important thing here is choosing whichever most excites the young student but know that you do not need to bring your guitar to your first lesson. If you don’t have one yet this is fine. Consider getting the input of your new teacher first who may be able to help guide you. Also remember that you can rent to own a guitar rather than purchasing one outright. Ask us for details.

Watch Our Teachers in Action in our MUSIC IQ Video Series

All lessons at Alderwood include regular verbal feedback to parents, opportunities to record and perform live, a chance to audition for the Alderwood Junior or Senior Bands, a comfortable waiting room with free wi-fi for parents and MUCH more!


The Advantages of Having a Guitar Instructor

We have helped a lot of people hone their guitar skills in the Etobicoke area over the years. Most of our students have been very open and receptive to what we teach and have been able to make significant strides in their abilities. Some people who have self-taught themselves in the guitar might wonder or question why they need to take guitar lessons. We would like to outline some of these mistaken beliefs.

The Advantages of Having a Guitar Instructor

I can play by ear – You can only get so far by playing by ear. If you don’t have the theory to back it up, there is only so far you can go. We recognize there are some people that have so much natural talent, this might not apply to them, but for 99.990% of us, the theory and lessons help provide the kind of foundation you need to play at a higher level.

Theory could curb my creative abilities – Studying the right and correct way will not hurt, but support your creative juices. In the worst case scenario, you can just take what you think is good from theory lessons and apply where needed. Many of today’s rock stars, afraid of losing “street cred”, hide their extensive backgrounds in professional music training and musical theory. However, get them alone and they would surely admit what a critical role it played in the foundation of who they are today. You gotta walk before you can run!

I can teach myself – Would you teach yourself how to fly an airplane? Would you teach yourself how to program a website? Trial and error can only get you so far. Having an instructor can help you hone your skills faster and more efficiently. Even the greatest composers who had the most amount of natural talent didn’t learn alone.

Also consider the feedback you will get from an instructor. Many times we are more interested in hearing our opinions coming from others mouths rather than hearing their opinions. A good teacher will be open and honest with you about your progress and will also be prepared to help guide you step by step on the path to becoming the kind of guitar player you want to be.

I can just get what I need online – Although the internet has a lot of great instructional videos, they won’t get you there alone. A good instructor will help you make sure you are practicing correctly. For example, many people when trying to learn something on their own will make the same mistake eight times and then get it right once. Although getting it right is great, you need to get to the point where you can get it right without having to think about it. An unseasoned player that doesn’t have the right guidance might get it right once and move on, not realizing that they aren’t there yet.

We hope some of these things we have shared with you will help you out. If you happen to be looking for a guitar teacher in the Etobicoke area, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our instructors are eager to help you get started on becoming a better player today!


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