(Ages 5 to adult – All Skill Levels) “The Heartbeat of Every Band”

Alderwood School of Music is located in the community of Alderwood in South Etobicoke (near Sherway Gardens, by the Mississauga border). We are proud to offer a fresh take on traditional music lessons with a focus on fun, creativity, motivation, and inspiration.

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Like all lessons at Alderwood, our Drum lessons are PRIVATE, modern, progressive, individualized, and taught by meticulously selected professional musicians and educators who live the life they teach.

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Weekly lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute lengths.

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  • Our teachers teach Rock, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Blues, Swing, and more.

  • Our Drum Room has drums, a pro e-kit, percussion instruments, keys, guitar, and more.

  • Lessons are private and fully customizable.

  • Our teachers use a multi-media approach to enhance lessons including internet, play along tracks, recordings, etc.

  • The student can bring in their own music and ideas!

  • We provide long term goals through theory, technique, and inspiration.

  • Drums are physical and addictive and often instil a sense of personal pride in students.

  • Drum students are given an opportunity to record and perform with other students, solo, and in front of others at our annual “Un-Recital”.


All that is needed is a practice pad and a pair of sticks, both of which we can provide at a discount.

When the time is right and you are ready to purchase drums, you can consider electronic drums which now have very realistic feel and, perhaps most importantly, can be turned down to any volume to keep the whole family happy!

Watch Our Teachers in Action in our MUSIC IQ Video Series

All lessons at Alderwood include regular verbal feedback to parents, opportunities to record and perform live, a chance to audition for the Alderwood Junior or Senior Bands, a comfortable waiting room with free wi-fi for parents and MUCH more!


Choose Drum Lessons for Students Disinterested in Other Instruments

Over the years many parents in Etobicoke have approached us asking what to do about young students who aren’t interested in traditional lessons but who still show spark and musical interest and the parents don’t want to give up. Now, if you’ll pardon our obvious bias, I would first say that all of the lessons at Alderwood are far from “traditional” and we take pride in having a student retention rate year to year of about 90 per cent. Having said that, there is no instrument as effective as drums at re-kindling love of music or engaging skeptical new music students.

Drum Lessons for Young Students Disinterested in Other Instruments

Firstly the drum sticks – They are a physical possession that every new student quickly owns and makes their own. Stickers, markers, paint, they all help to decorate and individualize the sticks for the student who then wants to take them with them wherever they go.

Then the physical release – Playing drums releases stress and creates instant sensory excitement compared to other instruments where tone generation can take time before cool sounds come out.

Social Benefits by Playing with Other Musicians – When you play drums you can play with almost all other instruments, almost all of the time. This creates social opportunities, confidence, and adds real-life application for students.

These are just some of the reasons we feel Drum Lessons are perhaps the best choice for students needing a little extra motivation to stay with music lessons or try them for the first time.


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