Music IQ Videos – Quick Tips by Our Professional Teachers

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Episode 1 – Drums   JOSH LANE   How to Get a Bigger Sound Out of Your Drums

Episode 2 – Modern Piano   NICK KORNELUK   Creating Melodies and Harmonies Using Only Black Keys

Episode 4 – Guitar   CHRISTIAN McKIBBIN   Try This Simple Pro Exercise to Speed Up Your Hands

Episode 5 – Classical Piano   DEREK BUNYAK   Intermediate Jazz – Cool Harmony for “Autumn Leaves”

Episode 6 – Modern Piano   NICK KORNELUK   Learning to Play Chords More Rhythmically on the Piano

Episode 7 – Drums   JOSH LANE   Getting a Double Kick Sound Without a Double Kick Pedal

Episode 10 – Songwriting   DAVE ORRETT

Episode 11 – Modern Piano   NICK KORNELUK   Making Your Piano Chords Sound Fuller

Episode 13 – Bass   CHRISTIAN McKIBBIN   Using Hammer-On Technique on a Bass

Episode 15 – Guitar   NIC LADOUCEUR   Advanced Country Finger Picking

Episode 16 – Classical Piano   DEREK BUNYAK   A Technique to Help Stretch Your Hands Before You Play

Episode 17 – Drums   SIMON MIMINIS   Tips on Proper Cross-Stick Technique

Episode 19 – Guitar   NIC LADOUCEUR   Alternative to Barre Chords – How Hendrix Used His Thumb

Episode 20 – Songwriting   DAVE ORRETT

Episode 21 – Guitar   CHRISTIAN McKIBBIN   Beginner Guitar – Using Vibrato to Personalize Your Sound

Episode 22 – Drums   SIMON MIMINIS   Embellish Your Rock Drum Fills Using Hands and Feet

Episode 23 – Guitar   NIC LADOUCEUR   A Piano-Style Approach to Playing Guitar as a Solo Instrument





Recital 2011

We are extremely proud of our students here at Alderwood School of Music. Please take a look at our video showing highlights from our Annual Student Showcase, 2011.

Recital 2010

Highlights from our Annual Student Showcase, 2010.

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