“Dave and the staff at Alderwood really go out of their way to make us feel at-home. They constantly ensure that we are involved in the process of learning which really personalizes the experience for our family. We started with one daughter taking piano lessons then added my son on guitar, and now Mom (me) is taking voice lessons. I truly can’t say enough about my 4 years at Alderwood and tell my friends every chance I get.” – Kim B

My son and daughter have taken electric guitar and piano lessons respectively over the past four years and have had the privilege to be taught by Christian, Mark, Brad, Dave and Nick at various points. I would highly recommend any of these teachers. It is an incredible experience for children to be able to learn from teachers who are practicing professional musicians. The teachers’ love of music and their willingness to adapt their teaching styles to include a range of music genres, learning by ear, theory, conservatory, games as well as other techniques allows all students’ learning styles to be met. The opportunity to be recorded and play with professional band members during recitals is a remarkable experience. As a teacher, I believe in the enrichment that music can bring to children’s lives and I believe Alderwood School of Music truly inspires children to develop their skills and to appreciate music. Well done! – Jennifer G

“Over the past three years that our daughter has been taking piano lessons with Dave, we have seen such a change in her playing and her appreciation for different styles of music. We can feel the emotion and her desire to play when she sits down at the piano now. Dave always encourages her efforts and challenges her whether its by teaching her techniques through pieces that you want to hear her play over and over again and by preparing her for conservatory testing if only to measure her personal growth. It’s just so different listening to Andrea play now. She draws us in each and every time. Thanks Dave. ” – Jim and Nada Y

“I would like you to know that my son has attended Alderwood School of Music now for the past year. During this year, he has grown both in his love for music and in his musicianship. The school has helped him expand both his knowledge and love for music, and by doing so, it has ultimately helped him to be able to pursue his dreams in gaining attendance into the Etobicoke School for the Arts. I congratulate Dave and his team in their dedication and drive in keeping music alive and well.” – David M. R.

“When you send your kids to a music school ultimately what you are hoping for is that they feel safe and happy there. Having worked with both Nick and Ulana I couldn’t wish for better fits for my daughter. You should see her jump on the piano and play, I mean really play.” – Sue D

“We have 3 children who all play piano. We had 3 teachers before being introduced to Dave Orrett of Alderwood School of Music; my children all say Dave is the best and the most fun teacher ever. He organizes recitals and is very encouraging and supportive of all his students” – Stephen C.

Testimonials from Students

“I’ve been taking piano lessons with the Windward Music School for as long as I can remember and Dave has become more of a friend then a teacher. The atmosphere here is great!” – Riley W.

“It truly is never too late to learn. As a mature student I was excited but felt a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of learning. That changed at Alderwood. Everything is explained clearly and the music we are playing really takes me back. Bravo.”
Michael D

“My favorite thing about this school is that you feel like there is no limit on your music. You can express your feelings in a way that sounds and feels so beautiful, that way is playing music! I’m very thankful. This school is one of the best things that happened to me” – Mina V.

“I love to sit down and play the piano because it has become fun to me. Dave has made my love of music and the piano very strong. he let’s me experiment with different genres of music and makes learning in lessons fun. I have not only learned lots of music but also to appreciate and expand upon the music Dave has taught me” – Andrea Y.

“I have learned so much more than I ever would without Alderwood because Christian and the teachers are very helpful!” – Adam C. R

“I never thought piano lessons could be so fun! I’m always looking forward to my lessons. I’ve taken lessons when I was in grade 4, and now I’m in grade 10. Dave is very nice and I recommend the lessons to everyone!” – Tamara C.

“At Dave’s piano lessons I learn a lot and it is fun! Piano is great!!!” – Sarah J.

“I have learned a lot more when I started going to this music school. My piano teacher is very funny and it is fun going to piano lessons!” – Carly C.

“Learning to play the piano has been a dream for me for a very long time. It’s not easy learning as an adult, but I was lucky enough to find Dave and now eleven years later here I am, playing for fun and still enjoying every minute of it. Now my daughter Riley and I both come to Dave for our lessons and I have to say he is a wonderful teacher no matter how old or young you are! He is the best!” – Wendy G.

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