About Us

The Alderwood Difference


  • Professional teachers who live the life they teach
  • Friendly, safe environment that will never get “too big.” We always know your name!
  • Soundproof, comfortable, welcoming, and fully-equipped teaching rooms
  • Spacious waiting room for parents with wireless internet, cable tv, magazines, etc
  • Annual student recording opportunity with a professional band. Click HERE to hear samples
  • Annual Student Showcase Recitals, the most fun you’ll ever have at a school recital trust us! Click HERE to watch some of last year’s show!
  • High teacher retention rate!
  • All ages welcome – from 3 to 105 🙂
  • Constant, open, two-way communication with parents to discuss a child’s progress
  • Open-door policy that allows friends and family to sit in on important parts of lessons
  • The highest level of preparation around for auditions to ESA, Cawthra Park, Humber, etc
  • Games and prizes to help motivate our younger students
  • Giving back to the community through donations to local charities, volunteering with Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, local schools, and community centres

When parents notice that spark of musical interest in their child, they often excitedly wonder: “How can I nurture and develop this gift? What’s my first step? And with so many choices out there, which one is right for my child?”

Well, that’s where we come in.

Allow our team of professional educators to help nurture your child’s unique gift, and walk you through the steps of getting started in music. The journey can be long but can be among the most rewarding, enriching, and magical moments in the development of your child or teen. Music is what we do.

Teaching is our passion. Let us show you.


Alderwood School of Music

A lifetime of music, one note at a time


A brief history:

The first inspiration to create Alderwood School of Music (then Windward Music School) came from an unlikely source.

It started with far too many encounters with people faced with a sad reality: they had taken years of music lessons, but felt they were left with nothing but two or three memorized songs (if their book was handy) and a few traumatic memories of endless forced childhood lessons.


Music, both as a learning experience and as an outlet for indescribable emotion and expression, should breathe fresh air into the minds of young and old alike.

Music is a gift.

The education of this gift needs to capture the magic of music before it can ever hope to truly inspire.

And so…

In 1996 Dave Orrett, already a professional composer and performer, began teaching part-time and developing the philosophies that would become the cornerstone of Alderwood School of Music. Quickly he realized that his approach worked, and that it was infectious. To teach from within a full-time life of music is to teach in its most genuine form.

A loyal staff of likeminded teachers, over 800 students taught, and over 15 years later, well… the rest is history.

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